Yes, indeed! Another damn blog!!

Yup, I have decided it is about time I shared all the very important stuff going on in my life with whomever wants to read. Or that is, since I am not an idiot and a firm believer in karma, I am of course going to do this in an orderly manner. Doing this in an orderly manner means:

  1. I am going to respect the privacy of the people close to me, including myself. So for the ones getting nervous about me spilling their beans, your secrets are still safe with me.
  2. Since the sky is the limit of my ambitions and the Internet never forgets, I am going to to the best of my ability avoid posting anything I will not stand for in any position (say princess, president, CEO or world-ruler).
  3. Negative and destructive grouching may give instant relief for frustrations but experience has shown that its aftertaste more often than not is pretty foul. So therefore unless I have something constructive to say I will at the very least try to keep quiet (are you taking notes?).

So. Why start blogging now? Mainly because it looks as if I have big changes coming up in my life, and I want YOU to come with me on this journey. Exactly what these big changes are is still a bit out in the blue. Anything and everything can happen, which although slightly frightening is also pretty damn exciting.

I am however not going to make this into a plain diary, but also share other things that are important to me from a wide array of topics, including politics, news, arts, sports, healthy living, philosophy, spirituality, literature. And maybe ice cream and other important stuff. Who knows..

Lastly,the name of my blog is of course inspired by one of my big, big idols. A 3,5 year old red, furry monster whose loving philosophy encompasses more or less everything good in life. Elmo, I love you!

Well, this was the preface. Till next time, have a wonderful Thursday!


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